Fabio On Fire LLC

*Contactless* Curbside Pick-Up Available.  No direct contact as part of this process.

​- Chef Fabio posts weekly specials to our Facebook page

ORDERS can be placed in two (2) ways:
1) Online through our website | See "Online Ordering" button -->
2) Calling us directly during business hours at 623-680-5385

1. Place your order using one of the two methods above
2. Receive a text message from us on the day that your order will be picked up (so that you can text us back when you arrive in the parking lot) 

3.  Arrive in the parking lot of the pizzeria to pick-up your order:

     a)  Remain in your car

     b)  Text us that you have arrived in the parking lot
4. We'll text you with a status of your order
5. Once your order is ready, we'll:

     a)  Text you that your order is ready

     b)  Sanitize the table sitting outside of the doors into the restaurant
     c)  Place your order on that sanitized table

     d)  Return inside
8. You can exit your vehicle and pick-up your order

All *contactless* in our new, temporary world!

Everyone at Fabio On Fire sincerely appreciates the amazing support of our community being a small business with 11 employees and their respective families. Again – many thanks – grazie mille! We wish the best for you and your family as we collectively get through this together and back into brighter, happier days. 

See you soon | Ci vediamo presto!